DrinkBandS to the rescue!

We welcome you to our site! DrinkBands are truly lifesavers in your kitchen. They're a great solution to reduce your counter clutter, dish washing, and kitchen organization problems. If you don't want your sick children to share germs with the rest of the family- problem solved. They have their own cup and they know which one it is! If you have multiple families under one roof and need to know whose is whose- problem solved! Need to have your drinks organized for parties and family gatherings? We have the solution!

Find the right bands for you and your family in our Store and see the difference they make. Enjoy!

Australia. Canada. Brazil. You name it!

DrinkBands trek across the globe!

Watch drinkbands in action!

Pictures show a lot, but video shows even more!

This short video will show you how easy it is to apply DrinkBands to your cups and glasses. 

Blue Camo
Our Price: 2.00
45 in stock!
Purple Camo
Our Price: 2.00
15 in stock!
Forest Camo
Our Price: 2.00
44 in stock!
Camo Pack
Our Price: 10.50
51 in stock!
Personalized 18 Pack
Our Price: 35.50
88 in stock!
Arctic Camo
Our Price: 2.00
55 in stock!